Interrupt This Program – Nairobi

CBC Arts // Noble Television, October 28, 2017


[22 min, 03 sec]

Role: Director // Researcher

Kenya’s 2007 elections were followed by politically motivated ethnic violence that spread across the country, leaving over one thousand people dead. The country’s current government, led by the son of Kenya’s first president, is said to be one of the most corrupt in its history, with the country reportedly losing a third of its state budget to corruption every year. In Nairobi, a city characterized by extremes of wealth and poverty, some artists are fed up of the status quo and are using their art to break through the stagnation that characterizes a political class which has hardly changed since 1963. This episode follows a Canadian filmmaker who has made Kenya her home, a political satirist whose caricatures, published in the daily newspaper, poke fun at the excesses of the government, a musician whose recently released single is a sharp indictment of corruption in the country, and a contemporary dancer with polio, determined to carve out a place for himself despite the absence of infrastructure and social support. This episode is part of Season III of the documentary series, Interrupt this Program.

Interrupt This Program – Nairobi