Mombasa – cityscape

Short, March 2017

[3 min 13 sec]

Role: Producer // Director // Camera // Editing

Additional editing: Anne Nyakarura // Music: Abdel Gadir Salim, ‘Mal Wa Ihtagab’

A short visual ode to a city that has prevailed against historic marginalization, a crackdown by the Kenyan government in the context of the war on terror, and a tourist industry that has privatized swathes of pristine land. This is Mombasa and its environs on a regular day; from Mama Ngina drive, to Old Town, Kongo Mosque and Uhuru Gardens, where every day at dusk, large colonies of bats make their way across the city.

Mombasa // cityscape from Zahra Moloo on Vimeo.